Album Options

To place your album order, please e-mail selections for the following choices to

  • Album shape
  • Album color
  • Cover Imprinting
  • Page gilding

Album Shape

Please choose square, vertical or horizontal. 


Cover Color

**Swatch colors may not be representative of exact leather or cloth color due to different screen calibrations
and slight variation in custom materials.

Standard Leather Millers.jpg
Distressed Leather Millers.jpg
Linen Millers.jpg


  • Do you want it?
  • What font? (Dessau Pro or Garage Gothic)
  • What color? (Black, Copper, Gold, Granite, Matte Gold, Matte Silver, Silver, Blind) 
  • Where on the cover would you like the text? Centered on the cover? Lower right corner of the cover?
  • EXACTLY what would you like your imprinting to say? Include spaces, dots, dashes, "&" or "and", ... imprinting will be written EXACTLY as you send it. 

Page Gilding

What color would you like the page gilding* to be? (Gold, White, Red, Silver, or Bronze)

*finish on the edges of thicker pages.


Additional Information:

Timing:  Album design takes 2-3 weeks. Album production takes 6-8 weeks from the date you approve the final design. 

Errors/Mistakes: In the event that an album has an error caused by Sarah Miller Photography, or by the album production company, Sarah Miller Photography will correct the error at no cost. To do so, Sarah Miller Photography will need the album for page replacement/cover replacement for the required amount of time. No refund will be given for the time needed to correct the error, however shipping is covered both directions should an adjustment need to be made. 

In the event that there is an error due to an oversight or misspelling by the CLIENT Sarah will correct the mistake at cost. Shipping and handling to and from the photographer/album company will be billed to the client. 

Design/Layout : A preliminary design of the album layout will be provided online. Once "Approved" the album will be printed with the design exactly as it appears on the screen in the final draft. (Images will be retouched after approval, but Layout will not be changed.) Once a design is approved, no further changes can be made.