Yay!!!! You booked your shoot… now what?

First, I’m so excited that I’ll get to photograph you! Our session should be fun… you can think of it as time set aside to enjoy your kids company, all while making (and capturing) memories that will last a lifetime.

To help you prepare for your shoot, I’ve prepared answers to some of the most common questions.


What to wear

Pick a color “theme” (earth tones, or navy blue with pops of neon, or shades of plum) for your family. That way colors look coordinated, but not match-matchy.

Most of my sessions are in casual settings, so for most families, casual clothing is best. There’s no need to wear a formal dress to do a photo shoot in the woods, if anything, that will look out of place.


How to talk to your kids about the photos… even better, how not to.

I ask that I be the one giving your kids (and you) directions. With my style of photography, I don’t necessarily need them looking at the camera, or sitting still. I’d rather capture their authentic spirit, and the way your family has fun together. Putting pressure on your kids to behave can backfire, leaving them feeling annoyed… while inviting them to have some fun almost always works.

What to wear baby.jpg

Newborns and babies

With newborns I encourage everyone to dress in comfy lounge clothes. Preferably in a solid color. Often my favorite shots of babies are in a white onesie, or a REALLY SIMPLE outfit. The images are about your baby, not about their clothes.

Often, Moms aren’t feeling super photogenic right after having a baby… and that’s okay. I’m still going to encourage Moms (and Dads) to be in SOME of the photos. Often even a hand, or a shoulder holding a baby is enough to show Mom’s presence without it being a straight portrait of her.

If we are shooting indoors, we will likely end up in the room in your home with the most light. If you own a plain bedspread, the master bedroom is often a good place for your session, and a comfortable, safe place for your new baby. You do not have to clean your entire house, or even your bedroom. I promise. I have kids of my own, and if there is clutter in your shot, we’ll just move a couple of small things aside or make them out of focus. I don’t judge… ever. You just had a baby so cut yourself some slack.